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CCC’s Focus

In a working environment where virtual collaboration is the norm and where communications are increasingly disjointed and dispersive, Core Communication Coaching Pte Ltd focuses in supporting leaders and teams to reach the core of their messages. We see it as our mission to bring back clear, effective, heartfelt communication at work. We support our clients to strengthen their mastery of clarifying and articulating their vision and messages while reinforcing their listening, observation and interaction skills. As a result, they face the challenges of virtual leadership and collaboration with emotional intelligence and in productive ways.

Our Multicultural Virtual Team

CCC is based in Singapore and our team of multilingual Executive Coaches and Virtual Facilitators are all certified in their areas of expertise. As a virtual team, we cover the time zones of South East Asia, Europe and North America. We facilitate in English, French and Italian and we coach in 11 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, and Hindi.


Adding Value
Nourishing Meaningful Relationships
Creating Heartfelt Presence

About Our Clients

Our clients are mainly from Finance, Petrochemical, Airline/hotel, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Food and beverage industries, as well as Business schools and UN organizations. We help virtual leaders, managers and teams to reconnect to their values, their spontaneity, their flexibility and their authenticity. Most of them are astonished that by improving the effectiveness of their virtual communication practices, they also become better communicators face to face.

15 years of experience have shown us that

A healthy communication culture is reflected in low turnover costs
When a company strives to create, build and maintain a communication culture based on trust, mutual respect and authenticity and when it manages to walk its talk, then this is reflected in the bottom line because employees do give their utmost.

Shared meaning and shared purpose attracts and retains talent
Beyond their salary, people stay because they are inspired to contribute and collaborate, because they are clear on purpose and goals and because they feel safe and appreciated.

Leaders need to know themselves
To lead, inspire and engage others, leaders need to start with understanding their own mind and heart. What we say and hear, what we write and what we read is influenced by attitudes, thoughts, unconscious expectations, beliefs, emotions and behaviours, mixed cultural background(s) and values. These and much more are behind the why and the how we communicate. Effective communication happens, when all these layers are taken into consideration to then be present with our heart, receptive and focused on what is needed for each situation.


More Authentic Communication
Deeper Trust
Increased Effectiveness

About the founder

Dorotea Brandin

Founder of Core Communications Coaching Pte Ltd
Leadership Communication Coach and Senior facilitator
MA, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Certified Solution Focused Coach (PCC ICF)
Certified NLP Practitioner

Bio Sketch

Dorotea wrote three books on emotional intelligent communication and has created her own coaching methodology. Her first career was theatre and she has twelve years of stage experience as an actress which gave her many insights about body language, behaviour, attitudes, interaction and influence. She is a member of ICF since 2005 and as such is a professional certified Solution Focused coach and NLP practitioner. She has an MA from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She works in English, French and Italian.

As an executive coach, Dorotea focuses on helping her clients to develop the mastery of thinking through, articulating and/or communicating the strategy and vision that will inspire the organization to move forward. Building trust and alignment through communications and the example of their consistent behaviour, they then foster a culture of emotional intelligent communication throughout the organization. With her Method PREPAREDTM leaders and managers reinforce their capacity of establishing true connection during their daily interactions as well as when addressing larger audiences. They learn to become Audience Intelligent and develop the mastery of responding on the go to their audience’s changing expectations and needs.

Dorotea has also co-developed programs which enable virtual leaders and their teams to thrive in an increasingly complex, international working environment. Within the dispersive and fragmented environment of digital interactions, leaders, managers and teams learn new effective ways to build trust with each other and collaborate with emotional intelligence. They reconnect their shared purpose, to their values, their spontaneity, their authenticity and their capacity to listen, observe and adapt within the realm of remote leadership and collaboration. As a result, they face the challenges of virtual collaboration in engaging and productive ways.

Since 2002, Dorotea creates customized programs which are attuned to the companies’ specific needs. Her programs always spread out over time and incorporate individual coaching sessions. Both these elements bring sustainability to the outcomes of the training. Below are her recurring clients both for coaching in communication and for Solution Focused coaching. Due to confidentiality agreements, some of the organizations prefer not to be named:

Boehringer Ingelheim (Singapore), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Ludic Group (London), Lufthansa Systems (Budapest), IMD (Lausanne), Philips Int. (Amsterdam), International Trade Centre, (Geneva) and WHO (Geneva). With I.J. Martin & Co ltd (Fortune Fifty US Chemical Corporation, Major UN Organization, Major UN NGO, Major Swiss Bank, Leading Travel Service Group). With Ventures Worldwide (Several Major Pharmaceutical Corporations).

Core Communication Coaching Pte Ltd
168 Robinson Rd, #12-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

Copyright © 2018 by CCC. All rights reserved.

Core Communication Coaching Pte Ltd
168 Robinson Rd, #12-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

Copyright © 2018 by CCC. All rights reserved.