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About CCC

The quality of communication at work is declining drastically, and this is reflected in ineffective and dispersive meetings, fragmented, unclear conversations, presentations that are too long, overloaded with text and often rigidly irrelevant. As a result, misunderstandings multiply, mistrust and disengagement grow.

Within this context, CCC takes it as its mission to inspire leaders and teams to bring back clear, heartfelt, emotional intelligent communication at work.

What we say and hear, what we write and what we read is influenced by thoughts, unconscious expectations, beliefs, emotions, cultural background(s) and values. These and much more are behind the why and the how we communicate. When all these and other layers that condition communication, are not considered, then, focusing on sharing information with clarity is not enough.

Clear, inspiring, uplifting, emotional intelligent communication is at the core of nurturing work relationships and keeping a healthy company culture. It also reduces disengagement and turnover costs.

"I am a leadership communication coach and I help leaders increase their impact through developing their leadership competence of Heartfelt Presence Communication. With our programs, they reconnect to their values, their spontaneity, their authenticity and their capacity to adapt in the moment. With renewed emotional intelligence, our clients strengthen their mastery of clarifying, articulating and communicating repeatedly their vision and strategy. Through heartfelt connection, listening and presence, they succeed in inspiring people to reach their full potential."

 “Heartfelt Presence is about being present with your whole heart when you communicate, receptive and responsive to what is going on around you while you present, hold a meeting or converse with someone.” Speaking WITH your Audience, Dorotea Brandin, Createspace, 2014

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